Our Services

Drilling & Loop Installation:

Geothermal Drilling runs 3 rigs that are drilling vertical wells at depths of 250′-400′ plus in most areas. These bore holes range from 4 1/4″ to 5 1/2″, depending on loop sizing and terrain conditions. The average loop size is 1″ – 1 1/4″  SDR 9 & SDR 11, pipe which depends on the grout weight.

Trenching & Manifolding:

All of Geothermal Drilling’s crew chiefs are IGSHPA accredited and have been with us for 10+ years.

Flushing & Purging:

Steps are taken by Geothermal Drilling to insure the pipes are plugged or covered to keep them clean prior to purging. This insures that the water is clean,filtered and that all of the air is out of the system no matter how long it takes.

Lake Loop Installation:

Geothermal Drilling installs 4 to 10 ton plates, depending on the depth of the body of water to which the plate is being placed. We prepare the plates on shore prior to installation in the water.

Thermal Conductivity Testing:

Test wells are drilled by Geothermal Drilling and grouts them to specifications of the mechanical plans. We partner with industry leader GRTI to run testing equipment on the test well. Who then provide the owners and engineers with  detailed data from the test well, which aide them in designing the well fields.


Residential warranty is 3 years on workmanship.
Commercial warranty is 5 years on workmanship.
*Products used have their own warranty through the manufacturer*